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We’re celebrating hitting 2500 followers on Soundcloud by going backs to our roots and supporting a newcomer to the scene, Caprii.

You can check out more from this promising Danish producer at https://soundcloud.com/armin-caprii-dehestani

We’re pleased to welcome Durandal back on these pages with this dark and sinister tribal stepper.

Also out this week (25th September) is his Corporeal Devolution EP, which you can preview on the @unified-audio soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/unified-audio/sets/forthcoming-sept-25-2014-unified-audio-durandal-corporeal-devolution-ep

And buy from Juno here: http://www.junodownload.com/products/durandal-corporeal-devolution/2563879-02/


Sleepless Nights is the second tune we’ve featured from Vhos7, who made his OFD debut around 4 months ago.

Keep an eye out for his Silence EP on Subliminated Sound, which is out on 22nd September - https://soundcloud.com/vhos7/silence-ep-promo

#ThrowBackThursday #TBT Here we have the very first OFD mix, which I made for personal listening and initially called “Deepstep Vol 1”. A few days later I decided that OneFortyDeep Vol 1 sounded less, well, shit and one thing lead to another, and the blog was born, around 1 year ago. Happy Birthday to us. Tracklist:

Soulfunk by Phaeleh
Extrapolated by Mateba
Black Coaches by Empyrean
Bode by Taiko
Land in Motion by Daega Sound
Moon Tide by Congi
Sarangi by NumberNin6
Somnium by Congi
No Tomorrow by Biome feat Fox
Breathe In by Venture
Redfern by TeeFreqs
Ferro by Promise One
Formlessness by Anex
Braveheart by TeeFreqs
From Way Up Here by Commit & Matrices
Old Times by DVLPR & NoMan
Inhibited by Arch Origin
La Musica by Biome
Submersive by Promise One
Forgotten Soul by Reaction
Real by Anex
Province by Anex
Transfix by Geode
Mazamet by Statek
Nocturnal by Biome
Serpent by Audialist



Was quite impressed with some of the #Apple news yesterday. This, however, not so much. A band so irrelevant they have to get a tech company to silently push it onto users’ devices #fucku2

Couldn’t agree more.

I don’t get offended easily, but this rankled.

Vibing to this at OFD towers this afternoon

Instrumental hip-hop for the actual win.

Bust Free 15 by Various Artists

10 years old and still amazing.

Boy’s Own, Via http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?1139

An absolutely beautiful track from Unified Audio co-founder Provoke. Pure vibes on this one.



Bassix Records is a fledgling label based in Manchester, founded in 2013 by friends Mase “Maes" Gibbons and Ste "Fybre" Moore. They’ve been pushing their deep and dubby sound with a number of free releases via Bandcamp, and hosting regular live epic Mixlr sessions, Sub Sundays, featuring a wealth of talent spinning deep bass meditation to round off the weekend.

We caught up with co-founder Maes to see how Bassix has been doing, and what we can expect from them in the future.

OFD: So how’s everything going with Bassix? Few changes in the pipeline I gather?

Maes: Yeah man, we’ve changed the logo. I kinda head the art for Bassix with input from Ste when I need his feedback. The new one I just wanted something that was a symbol but still had the BR for Bassix Records on it.

We’ve got some other stuff in the pipeline as well which everyone will be hearing about pretty soon

OFD: Yeah, the new logo is nice - simple and graphic, fits with the Bassix/Basics pun.

Maes: Haha, yeah man. Thanks.

OFD: How’s the crew shaping up - got anyone else on board lately? Seen a few guest mixes recently from the likes of J*Rose and Charlie “Chuckman” Evans

Maes: The crew is starting to grow really well. A few heads are starting to contact us asking to get involved.

We are like a big family at Bassix, man. Everyone knows everyone. We all send each other music and support each other. The exclusive mixes are something we are doing with close friends of Bassix.

OFD: Sub Sundays seem to be going well too, definite vibes on the music front and also in the chatroom.

Maes: Yeah man, now we’ve got a few residents like Ohyra, Lighta (AKA Pineall) and Knowmad, there’s a real variety of vibes throughout the whole session. And also, because we have regular people locked in, it’s a good platform for us to play our tunes and get some feedback.

OFD: In terms of the label, what are your plans there?

Maes: Long term plan for Bassix is vinyl release. Both me and Ste are vinylists and love the platform, but that may be a while off yet because the label is in its infancy. Plans closer in the future are to have a steady stream of digital releases. We kinda want to cater to both platforms in a way so it’s accessible to everyone. Other than that we just wanna continue what we are doing, try and build Sub Sundays up a bit more and get more people on board.

OFD: The deeper sound is really getting a foothold and attracting new listeners, DJs, producers… there are so many people at the grassroots level pushing the sound it feels quite exciting again.

Maes: Yeah man, there are so many avenues which cater to different tastes. If you’re not feeling one thing there may be something else that ticks the box. There’s lots of good fusion going on as well, lots of music blended with other genres. It’s pushing ‘dubstep’ forward and it’s a breath of fresh air.

OFD: Yeah it’s almost like we’re reclaiming the name after the boom.

Maes: I think the EDM thing will die out one day, mainstream dubstep will eventually have its day then probably die out. But the original stuff will continue to push itself forward. It already has and will never really bother with what goes on in the rest of the music business.

OFD: Although the less said about “riddim” the better, eh…

Maes: Haha, the riddim stuff has gone apeshit…

OFD: It’s funny to see everyone getting het about it when it’s quite self-contained, half the problem with this scene is people being too protective of it, when actually it’s grown to the point there’s going to be good and bad tangents, same as house and techno, Drum & Bass, etc etc

Maes: Things are always gonna go to a big level if there’s a lot of people talking/involved with it. I remember when that noisy sound started to surface from dubstep, that pure energetic stuff. A lot of the deep heads hated it and all you found on YouTube comments was pure hate for this music. But I guess over the last year or two, a lot of the deep heads have just left it to its own devices.

OFD: How was the Kiroku gig by the way? Gutted to have missed it.

Maes: The Kiroku night was sick, man. It was so good to finally meet Chuckman, Moodis, J*Rose, Lighta, Glumz and Snooks.

There wasn’t that many people there, but I kinda liked that. Felt more special and the sets were more one to one. But I know Charlie has big plans for the future. [OFD: At the time of writing, plans for Kiroku 2 are well underway.]

I was nervous as hell though. Mine and Ste’s first ever set!

OFD: Haha, yeah, I know that feeling. Good to be among friends on an occasion like that! How’s the production side going? Your tunes are getting tighter for sure, and I was just listening to Ste’s latest which is sounding big too.

Maes: The production side is going really well. I made the change over to Ableton a few months ago coming from Reason. The program has really opened up more to the ideas I get in my head. I’m finding it easier to get things onto the sequencer.

I’ve been doing online lessons for things like mastering and to just have a better knowledge of the DAW. I’m trying to do more forward thinking stuff at the moment as I’ve been rinsing out pure dubby deep stuff for the past year, I felt it was time to push myself as a producer into new areas. I’m having a lot of fun doing it, though, and it opens up your mind to different zones.

Yeah, Ste is killing it man, I speak to him everyday and we talk about music. He doesn’t get to spend as much time as I do on music because he works so much, but we are planning on living together next year so we’ll be doing a lot more together for our side project ‘Lowah

OFD: Nice one, sounds good - will definitely keep an ear out for that!

Any final words before we sign off?

Maes: A big shout out to the Bassix Family and everyone who has given us constant supported. Ohyra, J*Rose, Chuckman, Moodis, Knowmad, Spencer, Lighta, Glumz, Dub Tactics, Blank, Skensi, Albion Family, Riley and Hyse.

Big thanks to you as well Andy for this chat, and apologies if I’ve left anyone out!

Our latest free download from https://soundcloud.com/kr0nix is a deep, bass-driven roller with an infectious groove punctuated with innovative stop-start fills.



Gh0st makes his second appearance on OFD with this meditative and haunting tune, Hooligans.


Here’s something new we’re trying, regular themed collaborative Spotify playlists.

The first one is simply “Classics”

I’ve kicked it off with a few choice cuts, so feel free to check it out and add your own…

OFD Deep Heads Playlist:Classics