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The latest OurLand podcast is something special indeed, and perfect fodder for open-minded fans of OFD.

J. Tijn whips up a maelstrom of techno and bass, heavy on the dub elements, switching effortlessly between 4 to the floor and half-step, this is a lesson in blending genres to perfection.

We’ve featured Sovereign on the pages before, so it’s with great pleasure we’re welcoming him back with this deep and atmospheric drum & bass tune, Tundra, featuring emotive strings, melodic mid range bass, and a tight rolling rhythm section.


MUD man Demon has just released a 9-track album via bandcamp, with all proceeds going to Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis charities.

The music is inimitably Demon - tough, minimal rhythms, tight grooves, dark atmospheres and experimental melodics, all for the bargain price of £5, plus the knowledge that you’re supporting some very worthwhile charities.

What are you waiting for?

The Cause Vol 1 by Demon

We’re pleased to welcome Neijia Wuxia back to OFD with his second guest mix. From deep dubstep to instrumental grime, Neijia takes us on a journey of bass, bobbing and weaving confidently between styles.


1) Demon - Salvation
2) Submotion Orchestra - Blind Spot (Distance Remix)
3) Love The Cook - Tranquillo (Original Mix)
4) Budy - Experience
5) Benton - Take Me Away
6) Alpines - Cocoon (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)
7) Chad Dubz & Paragon - Ritual.
8) B1t Crunch3r - Quantum Chromodynamics
9) Piecemeal, OldGold - Words
10) Inkke - Paradise (JT The Goon Remix)
11) Concealed Identity - Backwater
12) Visionz & Jodie - Let the Light (J Kenzo Remix)
13) Sovex - Voices
14) Boot - Colder Now
15) Epoxy - Bring The Sun Out
16) Triage & The Bassist - Phat Sack feat. J-Sonic
17) De Niro - Memories
18) Radikal Guru ft Brother Culture, Alpha Steppa - Fire (Alpha Steppa Remix)
19) Artikal - Alone In The Darkness (DJ Madd Remix)
20) Mainger - Heretic Swords
21) Dubtek & The SubDivision - Mecca
22) The Aliens UK - Bad-Guyz (feat Abstrakt Sonance)
23) Concealed Identity - The Inate Plan
24) District - Screamer
25) Genetix - Bandicoot
26) Commit - Remorse
27) AxH - Blazing Eyes
28) Bucky - Don’t Let It Be The End
29) AtYyA - Seeing Truly
30) D-Operation Drop - Dust
31) Love The Cook - Critical (Original Mix)
32) Biome - Space
33) DJ Madd - The Life You Chose
34) Clerk - Scale (Sparxy remix)
35) Gutz - Gorilla Dub (Original Mix)
36) Plastician - Hard Graft (N Type & Surge Remix)




Bristol-based Vaun marks his return to Mindstep Music with a 6 track Ep of blissfully melodic, summery dubstep, tinged with a touching melancholy.

Featuring another stellar vocal contribution from Animai, who featured on his last single for the label, Taking Over, and vocal contributions from Sarah Zad and Ill Chill, Vaun once again shows his mastery when it comes working with a diverse range of vocalists.

At a time when the “dungeon” sound is starting to become formulaic and soulless, the Sidelines EP is mercifully free of growling reese basslines, opting instead for warm subs, lush pads, emotive vocals to enagage the listener, reminding us that there’s much more range to dubstep than heads-down dark vibes.

An essential release, arriving just in time for the last days of summer, with all the wistful yearning the change of season brings.

Vaun - Sidelines EP, featuring Animai, Ill Chil and Sarah Zad

Mindstep Music MSEP016

Release date: 25th August 2014

Format: Digital

Our latest free download from Jay Krease is one of those tracks that makes you sit up and take notice. The intro sets you up, but when it drops, it takes you by surprise and confounds your expectations.

Refreshing stuff, big up Krease!



Our latest guest mix comes from Wing, one of the men behind deep dubstep indie label Imperial Audio, and also an accomplished producer and DJ in his own right.

As well as dubstep and bass electronica, Wing has been turning out some great techno over the past year or so. His tracks have a spacious and minimal aesthetic, utilising chopped vocal samples and dark atmospherics alongside the pounding kicks and sharp hats. Several of his productions feature in this mix, and some of them are available for free from the Imperial Audio bandcamp page: http://imperialaudio.bandcamp.com/music

He’s also recently started an offshoot of Imperial Audio called Ignore The Masses, which will focus on the techno side of things, which will be one to watch if you like your techno on the deep dark and minimal side.



Wing - Special Technique
TiltMode - Outer Heaven
Wing - Beg/Live
Will Saul - Vallhalla
Palms Glide up Thighs ( Neana Remix)
Viers - Your Body
Jensen Interceptor - System Addict (SCNTST Remix)
Wing - Hardwire
Wing - Bardock
Jackin With The Drums - Apparent Gravity
Karren - Chaste Down
J Tijn - U U U
Wing - Solitude In Numbers
Wing - Untitled
Wing - Illusions Rethink
Wing - Doubletap
Wing - Xeon
Wing - Chaosis
Wing - Containment


Das Heavy is a new label from dubstep/bass duo Matta, and they’re opening their account with this two track free release, available for download via the Das Heavy soundcloud page.

Both tracks are fresh and exciting slices of forward thinking bass music, drawing influence from 2-step garage, deep dubstep and grime, and showcasing the Matta boys talent for breaking down genre boundaries.

If you’re feeling this release, then be sure to give the Das Heavy pages a follow and a like.


Our latest guest mix comes from Pressa, a London-based DJ and Producer who’s been making waves in the future jungle scene for a good few years, and has developed quite an impressive discography in that time with his deeper and more minimal take on the genre.

This mix features a selection of new and older tunes, some of his own favourite productions, and a few summery tracks to bring some sunshine vibes to proceedings.


Eva808 - Wannabe
Pawn & Calculon feat Christina Tamayo- Predatory
Bojcot Selectah - Running
Goli & Ashburner - Get Up (RSD Remix)
Lost - Fuzzy Feeling
Enei - Rotate
Pressa - Fast Motion 10 
Pressa - Be With Me
Route 94 - My Love (Schema Remix)
Ramadanman - Don’t Change For Me



LFO - LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)

A stone cold sub-bass classic. This tune never gets old.

(via Beats Without Borders Midweek Session Mixlr 6.8.14 by TZiyad (Mixed Genre Mix))

A fantastic edition of Tariq Ziyad’s Beats Without Borders show featuring all manner of styles of bass music, old and new.