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Our latest free download from https://soundcloud.com/kr0nix is a deep, bass-driven roller with an infectious groove punctuated with innovative stop-start fills.



Gh0st makes his second appearance on OFD with this meditative and haunting tune, Hooligans.


Here’s something new we’re trying, regular themed collaborative Spotify playlists.

The first one is simply “Classics”

I’ve kicked it off with a few choice cuts, so feel free to check it out and add your own…

OFD Deep Heads Playlist:Classics

This 2-track single from VGB is out now and available for free from band camp. Recommended.

Listen/download: Autumn’s Gust/Nox VIP by VGB

OFD resident Moodis delivers the goods once again, this time on a much deeper, jazz/hip-hop vibe.


Elefant Doc - Street Sheet
Subtle Mind - Be Eazy
Anex - Battered & Bruised
Sepia - Plans
Deco - Carry Tears
Commit - Drift away
Piecemeal & Seanote - Alma
Fullcasual, Brais Larkin, Kooka - Feel (Congi Remix)
Lamplie - Foreign Feelings Feat. Samantha Nova
Vaun &ill Chill - Knowledge
Vaun & Animai - Taking Over (Anex Remix)
Menik Feat. Zelda Marshall & Emma Lin - Contact (Anex Rethink)
Vaun & Sarah Zad - Sidelines
Elefant Doc - Walkin’
Ormorje - Make it Right
RJD2 - Rain
Wiseguys Outro


Kaiju - Late Night Tribe [Free Download]

Huge tune, huge freebie

This huge free compilation from our friends at Dark Coalition went out today, all tunes downloadable from Soundcloud. Some top notch talent and tunes on offer here. Highly recommended!

This compilation is dedicated to Dark Coalition. Many thanks to all who support me and my friends, you’re doing a great job! I want to express my gratitude to the producers who are involved in “Badman Compilation” ! On behalf of the administration, a lot of respect to you!

Continued support and art design from the - https://soundcloud.com/sqz-me

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Thanks for the mastering and constant support - Phil Zhukov “aka” FJH

Soundcloud page : https://soundcloud.com/filik
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Dark Coalition Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Dungeonsound
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Dark Coalition Tumblr - http://darkcoalition.tumblr.com

Contain :
Stanislav Blow - https://www.facebook.com/Cocaindubstep
Konstantin Ivanov - https://www.facebook.com/darkbDC
Catharsis Isee - https://www.facebook.com/dubbah.blanks

I appeal to all Producers and Djs who are interested this blog .You can put in touch with me at the address darkcoalition@ukr.net

Badman Links  :

Sqz Me - https://soundcloud.com/sqz-me
Nourma - https://soundcloud.com/nourma-music
Reamz - https://soundcloud.com/reamz
ZIPLOKK - https://soundcloud.com/ziplokk
FJH - https://soundcloud.com/filik
Love The Cook - https://soundcloud.com/lovethecook
Lowryder - https://soundcloud.com/lowryder-dubstep
Warfare - https://soundcloud.com/warfare
Gastly. - https://soundcloud.com/gastly
Clemo(nt) - https://soundcloud.com/clem-ont
Dead Noise System - https://soundcloud.com/deadnoisesystem
Fred Hassel - https://soundcloud.com/jakub-junek
Gaze ill - https://soundcloud.com/dj-gaze-ill
MAD Z - https://soundcloud.com/madzdubs
TEXSTEP - https://soundcloud.com/texstep
Kurt Roc Skee - https://soundcloud.com/kurtrocskee
Maes - https://soundcloud.com/maessounds
Nema SNVS - https://soundcloud.com/nema696
Magus - https://soundcloud.com/magusdubs
Monkixx - https://soundcloud.com/monkixx
Ohyra - https://soundcloud.com/ohyra
Eye Ark - https://soundcloud.com/eye-ark
Catharsis - https://soundcloud.com/catharsisdubz
Rat - https://soundcloud.com/rat_9
Sektor 122 - https://soundcloud.com/sektor-122
Suave - https://soundcloud.com/suavemusik
Shiva - https://soundcloud.com/shiva_dubstep
Dark_b - https://soundcloud.com/dark_b
StereOtipate - https://soundcloud.com/stereotipate
Specialist - https://soundcloud.com/specialist070
Alive - https://soundcloud.com/dj-alive

The latest OurLand podcast is something special indeed, and perfect fodder for open-minded fans of OFD.

J. Tijn whips up a maelstrom of techno and bass, heavy on the dub elements, switching effortlessly between 4 to the floor and half-step, this is a lesson in blending genres to perfection.

We’ve featured Sovereign on the pages before, so it’s with great pleasure we’re welcoming him back with this deep and atmospheric drum & bass tune, Tundra, featuring emotive strings, melodic mid range bass, and a tight rolling rhythm section.


MUD man Demon has just released a 9-track album via bandcamp, with all proceeds going to Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis charities.

The music is inimitably Demon - tough, minimal rhythms, tight grooves, dark atmospheres and experimental melodics, all for the bargain price of £5, plus the knowledge that you’re supporting some very worthwhile charities.

What are you waiting for?

The Cause Vol 1 by Demon

We’re pleased to welcome Neijia Wuxia back to OFD with his second guest mix. From deep dubstep to instrumental grime, Neijia takes us on a journey of bass, bobbing and weaving confidently between styles.


1) Demon - Salvation
2) Submotion Orchestra - Blind Spot (Distance Remix)
3) Love The Cook - Tranquillo (Original Mix)
4) Budy - Experience
5) Benton - Take Me Away
6) Alpines - Cocoon (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix)
7) Chad Dubz & Paragon - Ritual.
8) B1t Crunch3r - Quantum Chromodynamics
9) Piecemeal, OldGold - Words
10) Inkke - Paradise (JT The Goon Remix)
11) Concealed Identity - Backwater
12) Visionz & Jodie - Let the Light (J Kenzo Remix)
13) Sovex - Voices
14) Boot - Colder Now
15) Epoxy - Bring The Sun Out
16) Triage & The Bassist - Phat Sack feat. J-Sonic
17) De Niro - Memories
18) Radikal Guru ft Brother Culture, Alpha Steppa - Fire (Alpha Steppa Remix)
19) Artikal - Alone In The Darkness (DJ Madd Remix)
20) Mainger - Heretic Swords
21) Dubtek & The SubDivision - Mecca
22) The Aliens UK - Bad-Guyz (feat Abstrakt Sonance)
23) Concealed Identity - The Inate Plan
24) District - Screamer
25) Genetix - Bandicoot
26) Commit - Remorse
27) AxH - Blazing Eyes
28) Bucky - Don’t Let It Be The End
29) AtYyA - Seeing Truly
30) D-Operation Drop - Dust
31) Love The Cook - Critical (Original Mix)
32) Biome - Space
33) DJ Madd - The Life You Chose
34) Clerk - Scale (Sparxy remix)
35) Gutz - Gorilla Dub (Original Mix)
36) Plastician - Hard Graft (N Type & Surge Remix)